Written Testimonials

September 2019

Excellent staff – Dr. Moore was great – I owe them a lot – 4 months without Xanax – Def my best choice of 2019 – Thanks to all staff, I’ll stop by next time I’m in Denver.

Brad – Denver, CO

August 2019
Suboxone® Detox

I would like to express my deep gratitude to Dr. Banimahd and the entire team at the Coleman Institute Orange County facility. Their comprehensive understanding of this disease and the pathway through detox and to freedom has changed my life. Dr. B is both expert in the fields and empathetic advisor – available day and night through the process and his team could not have been more pleasant and professional. If you are looking to make real change with limited disruption of your life, and to work with the best – call the Laguna Hills office and get going on the rest of your life.

Former Suboxone User– Orange County, CA

April 2019
Opioid Detox

Best experience I have ever had with a doctor’s office. Mike, Jaime, and Dr. Moore are amazing and I am so thankful I found them. The help I received from them literally saved my life. When we initiated the detox, I was taking around 300mg of oxycodone; however, after the detox I have had absolutely no desire to take any medications (not even Tylenol or Advil). The staff should be proud.

They were always helpful and answered my calls. If not they called me back within 5 minutes. I have NEVER had a doctor/doctor’s office that treated me as well as they did.

I haven’t had any desire to use any kind of drugs since my treatment plan ended. However, when I’ve had questions; Mike, Jaime, and Dr. Moore have been available 24:7 to answer my questions and concerns.

Everything as promised. I tried for over a year to quit oxycodone by myself, but couldn’t. Once I did your program, I’m completely clean of pain medications and determined to stay that way for the rest of my life.

It works. I had tried about everything with no success until I came across your office in Denver.

L.R. – Denver, CO

February 2018
Opiate Detox

Each time I called the Coleman Institute all questions were always answered with care and concern. I called three to five times asking questions before I made my final decision to use the Coleman Institute. Their program truly works if a person is really wanting to get their life back!!

Dr. Keating and Tina are truly a blessing!! Coming off of opioid addiction or any addiction is not easy. They were encouraging thru the whole process!! Dr. Keating has a wonderful facility and a very nice and caring staff. The Dawsonville facility in Atlanta Georgia is awesome!! Very comfortable facility for a detox program.

All recovery information needed was provided. Any and all questions was always answered.

Very satisfied with the program. This program works if a person is ready to be free of their addiction. With Naltrexone you are not trading one addiction for another. Naltrexone implant also goes home with you!! You are not going the addiction alone!!

I surely would recommend the Coleman Institute to anyone with an addiction problem! I studied other places and the Naltrexone implant was the deciding factor upon using the Coleman Institute. You come home with an Implant that truly helps the problem!! You are not going your problem alone with nothing to help!! In the past another addiction program was used. The program did not work!

The difference was the Naltrexone implant!! I highly recommend this program to anyone! Just had the second implant done on February 15, 2018. Naltrexone Implant has been a life saver for my family!!

Having the implant gave me the security I needed. I knew I would not have to be out chasing down another pill. I was tired of living that kind of life!!

Donna – Atlanta, GA

August 2017
Alcohol Detox

I truly felt I landed in the best, compassionate and caring hands of the caregivers at The Coleman Institute in Seattle from the moment I walked into their clinic. I had done extensive research with my family members to find the best options for medically supervised detox in conjunction with other modalities to achieve sobriety. The entire experience from intake, detox, and post-detox was positive and the staff all supportive, informative, knowledgeable, and attentive.

I am beyond satisfied with my progress; I am over the moon happy in my return to sobriety and the return to my joyful life after a few years of events that led to my abuse of alcohol. The Naltrexone implant works like a magic charm for me. I am 8 weeks alcohol-free & the implant is still curbing any cravings. I intend to begin the monthly injections & to continue attending sessions with my addiction psychiatrist and AA meetings. I am deeply committed to and proactive in my ongoing sobriety.

I recommend your program to anyone I know seeking a resolution to their addictions because it WORKS!

No side affects whatsoever for me and it works to curb cravings.

A – Seattle, WA

July 2017
Rapid Opioid Detox

I did my detox in WA with Dr. Mendrey, words can not describe my appreciation for her and the Coleman Institute. She is a wonderful lady, and she really cares about her patients!! This was a life changing experience and would recommend ANYONE that is struggling and really serious about getting clean and staying clean this is the place to be!! I was addicted to opiates for years and never thought I would quit, I’m now 155 days clean from them and only got my initial pellet, i did experience the post withdrawal symtoms for about 3 weeks after my detox but since then I have felt GREAT!! Idk if my pellet has just lasted longer then usual or what but I have yet to have a craving or any desire to go back to using opiates.. I love my life today and for that I will forever be greatful!

HT – Seattle, WA

January 2017
Opiate Detox

Dear Coleman Institute Staff:

I can’t tell you nor express my gratitude enough! What you all did to give us our lives back, there just aren’t enough appropriate words for. All we can say is that we believe God ordained and intervened in our situation; He used YOU. Your whole staff, the lot of you are angels sent from heaven.

We came in (to the Glendale AZ office) January 3, 2017. Dr. Sloan explained in a gentle and kind way the procedure for rapid detox we had seen on the news and website. Skeptical as we were, we decided to go through the procedure because the alternative was to watch my husband either die or sink further down into his addiction which would have surely cost him his livelihood. His addiction was killing us, not to mention destroying our home, marriage, and family, we labored building for over 35 years!

This past week, over the Presidents’ Day holiday, we came in for another implant to address some of the PAWS. In the drive from Phoenix back to L.A. I could see improvement with my own eyes. So much so that he drove the entire five hours home!

Phenomenal, and extraordinary is what you all are.

I’m keeping you all (Michelle, Allyson, Rachel, Dr. Sloan) and the entire staff in our prayers. Praying for others to specifically receive recovery and healing through you all.

BR – Phoenix

January 2016

Jennifer was very pleasant and returned my calls and emails in a timely manner.

My son always had a hard time detoxing and getting through the first couple of days of withdrawal. This program is excellent and wishing it was also available in Canada. My son is doing very well. We are going down to Seattle for his second injection.

We have already recommended your program to our friend. His son is also addicted to opiates.


January 2016

Dr. Sloan’s office is amazing. He was always there to help even on the weekends. He knows what he is doing. I am successfully off clonazepam after being on it for 12 years. The staff were all professional. I am from Canada and there was great value for what I paid for treatment. I am so grateful I found this clinic!!

I had a hard time coming off of benzos. I tried 5 separate times to come off benzos. This treatment has changed my life. No longer am I dependent on high doses of benzodiazepine to function. It’s refreshing having a clear mind now. The Coleman Clinic in Arizona for Benzodiazepine Dependence was the best thing to happen to me. Thanks Dr. Coleman for the great support throughout treatment. I have no more benzo- withdrawal symptoms. Nothing major anyways. I feel better every day. As time goes by (it’s been almost 2 months now) I feel better. The Coleman Clinic’s methods of detoxification off Drugs and Alcohol are the best methods in terms of safety, and long term success.

The Coleman Clinic in Arizona was the best thing to happen to me. Thanks again Dr. Sloan.


July 2015

Want to thank Dr. Coleman for coming up with such a great program. Much easier than Ultra Rapid Detox. I just finished accelerated detox off of methadone in AZ with Dr. Sloan. Thanks to him and his staff as well…all super nice! I detoxed off heroin in 2004 with Dr. Coleman before he changed the procedure and even that went really well; so, thanks to him and his staff for that as well. If you are an addict and you want to get clean, TCI is the place to go. Very comfortable detox and the implant and shot work great for cravings and for blocking opiates, too.


May 2015

The staff in Seattle was available, returned all my calls, was very informative in letting me know what steps to take since I couldn’t go back to see the Dr. because of distance. The process was great and I feel very good about the decision I made.


May 2015

Excellent program. Saved my life and family.

I’m feeling healthy and immediately was able to go to work, exercise and return to yoga practice. I need to continue to figure out why I started abusing drugs.

The care from staff in Schaumburg was great. So glad I found the Coleman Institute.


May 2015

I just wanted to let you guys know your program is the best thing I could have ever found. I went threw your methadone detox in Seattle in June of 2014 and my life is so full of joy and hope I have been clean ever since 6-25-14. Your program is the only thing that could have got me off the methadone, now the thought of pain killers or methadone make me sick to my stomach. I just wanted to let you guys know how wonderful your program works. I have been spreading the word to anyone that will listen and I’m happy to report I finally talked one of my friends into trying your program; he started on Monday and he is amazed on how smooth the detox is working. Again, thank you for giving me back my sanity.


May 2015

Doctor Rosenfield, Jenesis, and Teka,

I hope this allows for a long enough message… I cannot thank you three for all your care, understanding, laughs, support, guidance, and follow up; I have never felt better. Minus the sleep issues I am having, just getting back onto a regular sleeping pattern, I feel like a new man.

If I move back to the NW, I would be a customer of yours for life. I really do mean it, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

May God bless all three of you immensely! If I can ever do anything to help promote what you do, or be a reference, just say the word. You saved me from a bad place.

Thank you so very much,

April 2015

Thank You. I am so grateful for all the care and help you gave me. I felt rested and cared for and everyone has such a wonderful personality. I hope the ECMA (TCI’s Seattle office) has great success and grows in leaps and bounds.


December 2014

I’m well beyond being satisfied, I’m thrilled with the progress my son has made. His whole life has changed as a result of this treatment. This is an amazing program, truly amazing.

The staff was incredible from start to finish, but it’s the results that matter. This was a miracle. I got my son back after 2 years of darkness. The results were more than I could have ever hoped for. After 6 weeks, as a result of the treatment and the Naltrexone implant, desire to use is very low. Positive results had such an impact, and with the implant, using was simply not an option. There are no side effects, and I’m getting more sleep.

I can’t say enough about this program. It’s truly a miracle. I can feel things I haven’t felt in a couple years. It’s a wonderful feeling. I feel so indebted to the great staff IN San Francisco; they were so caring and friendly. Dr. Glatt was incredible, very focused and caring… easy to talk to.

The results were nothing short of a miracle.


May 2014

I would like this to be posted on the Coleman Institute website to be shared;

I want to thank Dr. Rosenfield and the staff in Seattle for giving me my life back.

I felt lost and now I am found. I was losing hope that I would never be able to achieve sobriety from Valium, but I can happily say I have reached my goal.

Dr. Rosenfield made the impossible possible and I cannot thank him enough. If anyone reading this is struggling like I did to withdraw from benzo’s, the money spent is worth every penny.

I am me again. I can do things that I thought were forever lost, things I love. It is hard work, but very worth it and any nervousness I had was dissipated the first time I met with the staff.

Thank you for changing my life!