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Why Choose Suboxone® Detox?​

Suboxone® is the brand name pharmaceutical drug made up of buprenorphine and naloxone. Suboxone® is often used to help those suffering from an opioid dependency end their reliance on the drug. However, buprenorphine itself is a narcotic. Using Suboxone® to detox is often viewed as trading one narcotic for another. Furthermore, Suboxone® stays in the body for weeks. This means that using Suboxone® to detox is likely to result in over a month of pain, sleeplessness, anxiety and other painful withdrawal symptoms.

The Coleman Network team understands the uphill battle that is attempting to detox from Suboxone®. That’s why we’ve developed The Coleman Method. This unique detox method is powerful, safe, and fast. The ability to treat on an outpatient basis means you can undergo a Suboxone® without giving up your daily life.

How Does The Coleman Method For Suboxone® Detox Work?​

To dramatically reduce cravings, an opiate blocker called Naltrexone is used to block the opiate receptors in a person’s brain. Naltrexone does not block the body’s natural endorphins and is not addictive. Furthermore, if a relapse does occur, Naltrexone prevents the patient from feeling high.

The Coleman Network provides 2 Naltrexone options for patients of Suboxone® Detox: a Naltrexone implant or a Naltrexone injection (using the brand name version of Naltrexone called Vivitrol®). Both of these Naltrexone options are slow-release, meaning they offer weeks of support for patients with each administration of the medication. The Coleman Network recommends, following a detox, 12 months of Naltrexone Therapy for the best chance for lifelong recovery.

More Than 8,500 Patients Treated with the Coleman Method

The Coleman Method Explained
Dr. Peter Coleman, founder of the Coleman Institute, discusses The Coleman Method for outpatient opiate detoxification.
Why Is It So Hard To Get Off Suboxone?
Dr. Peter Coleman, founder of the Coleman Institute, explains why it can be so difficult to get off of even low doses of buprenorphine/naloxone.
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Understanding Accelerated Opioid Detox

Download our free Guide to Understanding Accelerated Opioid Detox for an in-depth look at the fight against America’s opioid crisis using industry-leading detox methods and addiction recovery treatment options.

Featured Suboxone Detox FAQs

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The Benefits Of Suboxone® Detox At The Coleman Network

Outpatient Care​

Detox in as few as 3 days

98% detox completion rate​

No hospital stay required

Minimal Disruption

Safe and reduced withdrawal symptoms

Customized medication regimens for comfort

Compassionate, expert care advocates

Recovery Support

Naltrexone therapy to reduce cravings

Reduced risk for relapse

Access to leading recovery support services

Why Is It Hard to Detox off Suboxone & Buprenorphine Products?
Detoxing off of Suboxone can be tough. A medication that can bind to the same opiate receptors in the brain, Suboxone turns on the same “switch” as an opioid would. (more…)
The Truth About Suboxone® & How to Detox
Warren began experimenting with drugs during high school. He tried a little bit of everything, but opioids became his drug-of-choice. During college, his active pill addiction turned into a heroin habit. (more…)

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