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With The Coleman Method, detox is safer, faster and more comfortable.

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Outpatient Detox Program
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Why Choose Pain Medication Detox?

Chronic pain can make normal daily life very difficult. Highly addictive opioid painkillers can make the situation much worse as it introduces a drug dependency.

Suffering from an addiction to pain medication can feel isolating: like you are alone in your battle for a normal life. You only wanted to find relief from your chronic pain. You did nothing wrong. Living with drug dependency does not have to be your future. The Coleman Network has helped many chronic pain patients detox off their medications with 98% of patients successfully completing our medication assisted treatment (MAT) program.

How Does The Coleman Method For Pain Medication Detox Work?

Our Accelerated Opioid Detox program is a comfortable, safe, outpatient detox process that most patients complete in as few as 3-8 days. The Coleman Network uses non-addictive medications to completely eliminate the addictive pain medication from your body. This means you won’t experience the discomfort that is found in a regular detox process.

Many addictive pain medications actually result in an increase in the number of receptors in your body because your body is trying to get the pain signal through again. This means stoping pain medication use on your own can leave you experiencing more pain. With The Coleman Method, many of our chronic pain patients report feeling less pain once they are off pain medication.

More Than 8,500 Patients Treated with the Coleman Method

The Coleman Method Explained
Dr. Peter Coleman, founder of the Coleman Institute, discusses The Coleman Method for outpatient opiate detoxification.
Can a Doctor Cut Off Your Opioid Pain Medication?
Dr. Swainey discusses whether a physician can cut off a patient’s opioid pain medicine prescription, and if doing so is advisable.
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Understanding Accelerated Opioid Detox

Download our free Guide to Understanding Accelerated Opioid Detox for an in-depth look at the fight against America’s opioid crisis using industry-leading detox methods and addiction recovery treatment options.

Featured Pain Medication Detox FAQs

The Benefits Of Pain Medication Detox At The Coleman Network

Outpatient Care​

Detox in as few as 3 days

98% detox completion rate​

No hospital stay required

Minimal Disruption

Safe and reduced withdrawal symptoms

Customized medication regimens for comfort

Compassionate, expert care advocates

Recovery Support

Naltrexone therapy to reduce cravings

Reduced risk for relapse

Access to leading recovery support services

What Pain Medication Does the Coleman Network Treat?

These are just some of the pain medications we treat. For a full list of pain medications treated at the Coleman Network, please call (877) 773-3869


Cough Syrup











MS Contin












What to Do if Your Doctor is Refusing to Prescribe (Opioids) Pain Medications

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When Does Energy Come Back After Opioid (Pain Medication) Withdrawal?
I recently had a conversation with Lisa, a 56-year-old female who confided in me, “I am so sick and tired of being dependent on pain meds, I could tear my hair out.” She tried many times to stop taking oxycodone. (more…)

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