Naltrexone Therapy

The Coleman Method helps patients succeed with their long-term recovery by using the non-addictive opioid blocker, Naltrexone, that reduces cravings for alcohol and opioids.

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Why Choose Naltrexone Therapy?

Completing a detox program is a significant emotional experience. Patients who compete a detox often feel accomplished, nervous, and excited to begin a new sober life. At the safe time, staying free from addiction can be extremely difficult. At The Coleman Network, we understand how hard it can be to avoid relapse. That’s why we use a Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) to help support long-term recovery called Naltrexone therapy.

Naltrexone is a medication that can suppress cravings during the initial months of recovery. With the help of Naltrexone, patients are unable to get high. This gives them the ability to look beyond their physical symptoms and focus on the psychological aspects of committing to their recovery.

How Does Naltrexone Therapy At The Coleman Network Work?

Naltrexone is a non-addictive medicine that dramatically reduces cravings by blocking the opiate receptors your brain. It does not block the body’s natural endorphins. In the event of relapse, the medicine stops the patient from feeling high.

The Coleman Network offers two specially formulated Naltrexone options for patients: implants or injections. Each of these methods are slow-release options that give patients weeks of support at a time. We recommend that most patients continue with their Naltrexone therapy for a year after completing detox to give them enough time to develop new, healthy habits.

More Than 8,500 Patients Treated with the Coleman Method

The Coleman Method Explained
Dr. Peter Coleman, founder of the Coleman Institute, discusses The Coleman Method for outpatient opiate detoxification.
Why is Naltrexone Therapy so Important for Opioid Addiction
Dr. Peter Coleman, founder of the Coleman Institute, explains why Naltrexone is so vital to patients getting off of opiates and enabling them to have a successful recovery.
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Understanding Accelerated Opioid Detox

Download our free Guide to Understanding Accelerated Opioid Detox for an in-depth look at the fight against America’s opioid crisis using industry-leading detox methods and addiction recovery treatment options.

Featured Naltrexone Therapy FAQs

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The Benefits Of Naltrexone Therapy At The Coleman Network

Specially-Formulated Options

Naltrexone Implant: a small Naltrexone implant inserted under the skin that disperses medication slowly over 2 months

Vivitrol® Injection: an FDA-approved liquid version of Naltrexone that is injected and that lasts up to 1 month

No more stress over remembering to take a pill

Minimal Disruption

Outpatient procedures

Weeks of support with slow-release medication

Proven therapeutic method using Naltrexone

Recovery Support

Naltrexone therapy to reduce cravings

Reduced risk for relapse

Access to leading recovery support services

Why Is Naltrexone Therapy So Important for Opioid Addiction?
AIn this blog, I will discuss why naltrexone therapy is essential for addiction treatment and enabling patients struggling with addiction to opioids to stay sober and support their recovery. (more…)
3 Important Differences Between Suboxone and Naltrexone Therapy

I must admit I was a little surprised earlier this week when Bridget Walsh, our Clinical Case Manager and I screened a former patient who wanted to return to The Coleman Network for Addiction Medicine for a second detox off opioids. (more…)

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