Outpatient Alcohol Detox

With The Coleman Method, detox is safer, faster and more comfortable.

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98% Program Completion Rate
Outpatient Detox Program
Reduce Withdrawal Symptoms
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Why Choose Alcohol Detox?

Alcohol is one of the mostly socially accepted and addictive substances abused in our society. Approximately 7% of adults in America suffer from Alcohol Use Disorder. Alcohol related deaths are the 3rd most common form of preventable death in the Untied States at 88,000 deaths cited each year.

It can be difficult and dangerous to cut back or quit drinking on your own if you are suffering from alcoholism. The resulting withdrawal symptoms can range from mild and manageable to severe and fatal. At The Coleman Network, we are highly focused on treating your addiction safely and comfortably. That’s why we’ve designed The Coleman Method. This method safely restores brain and body function in an outpatient setting.

How Does The Coleman Method For Alcohol Detox Work?

Because alcohol use deprives your brain of critical nutrients, heavy, long-term drinking can lead to brain damage and seizures. The Coleman Method for alcohol detox starts by replenishing these lost nutrients. As your blood alcohol level decreases, we incorporate comfort medication to assist in keeping you calm, content and safe. This is an outpatient detox so after a few hours of careful monitoring and supervision, you’ll be able to go home. This process is repeated for the next two days to fully detox your brain and body.

Once your body is completely free of alcohol, our Care Advocates will assist you in beginning your new sober life. To aid in recovery and reduce the risk of relapse, we strongly recommend a comprehensive recovery program that includes Naltrexone Therapy to reduce cravings, individual counseling and/or a 12-step program.


More Than 7,500 Patients Treated with the Coleman Method


More Than 7,500 Patients Treated with the Coleman Method

Understanding Alcohol Detox

Download our free Guide to Understanding Alcohol Detox to learn about the prevalence of Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD) in American society and available treatment options.

The Benefits Of Alcohol Detox At The Coleman Network

Outpatient Care​

Detox in as few as 3 days

98% detox completion rate

No hospital stay required

Minimal Discomfort

Safe and reduced withdrawal symptoms

Customized medication regimens for comfort

Compassionate, expert care advocates

Recovery Support

Naltrexone therapy to reduce cravings

Reduced risk for relapse

Access to leading recovery support services

Help is Just One Phone Call Away

We believe that every patient deserves to undergo treatment in a safe and respectful environment.

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