Accelerated Ultram® Detox

The Coleman Network offers Accelerated Ultram® Detox options in Cherry Hill, NJ

Ultram® is an opioid analgesic and prescription pain medication. The active ingredient in Ultram® is Tramadol which is used to treat moderate to severe pain in adults such as after surgery. For chronic pain sufferers, there is an extended-release version called Ultram® ER.

Ultram® replaces the brain’s natural production of endorphins by attaching to opioid receptors and tricking the brain into thinking that it no longer needs to continue production. Even just one dose of Ultram® can result in a dependency.

The safest and most effective way to end your dependency on Ultram® is the Accelerated Ultram® Detox at The Coleman Network in Cherry Hill, NJ. This outpatient detox eliminates opiates from the brain using a safe and comfortable way called The Coleman Method and can be completed in as few as five days.

Because our Accelerated Ultram® Detox at The Coleman Network in Cherry Hill, NJ is completed on an outpatient basis, you can keep living your life while seeking treatment for your Substance Use Disorder.

Our Accelerated Ultram® Detox includes Naltrexone therapy to help our patients during the challenging first few weeks of recovery, plus ongoing aftercare support.

Don’t let Ultram® addiction rule your life.

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