What Makes Detox with The Coleman Network Different?

What Makes Detox with The Coleman Network Different?

I just spent much time reading Google reviews for the Coleman Network. While some patients discuss their recent experiences with us, many of them go back for years. 

For myself, I’ll never forget the first experience that gave me a greater perspective on what it meant to be a patient here.

At the time, I was interviewing for a Family Nurse Practitioner position. I’d been with my employer at the time for 5 years, and the owner was planning to retire. After seeing an ad in the local newspaper, I scheduled  to meet with Dr. Coleman. It seemed like a perfect fit, and he was kind and genuine. Additionally, the office was within biking distance, the staff very pleasant, and the family practice patients were diverse. As our conversation went on, Dr. Coleman discussed with me that he also practiced Addiction Medicine.

Although I didn’t know as much about Addiction Medicine, it wasn’t a statement that I expected, and I was hesitant to sign a contract for employment.. I thanked him politely, and informed him I was going to continue with other interviews. However, I agreed to return and shadow him for a couple of hours to learn more about his practice. Before this, I had felt like I’d already decided that this wasn’t the gig I was looking for. A few days later, I returned to study Dr. Coleman’s work as he  introduced me to  ‘Addiction Medicine’. 

A New Perspective On Addiction Medicine

For writers, there is a “Rule of 3’s”. First, you build up the drama by discussing the topic, then the second and third parts are the rising “crescendo” of the story. I could exaggerate the story by writing fictional experiences, but I truly witnessed, in person, a pinnacle moment in a patient’s life. This changed my perspective forever.

Two parents were in the exam room with their 20-year-old son. Before Dr. Coleman could introduce me to them, the mother ran over, embraced him, and shed tears of joy, stating, “Our son is back! Thank you… thank you,” crying as she expressed gratitude.

Since becoming a patient of the Coleman Network, their son had been free of opioids for over 6 months, utilizing Naltrexone (a non-addictive opioid blocker) to help him in his path. After their son had been prescribed pain medication for several years following a surgical procedure, he became physically dependent. When his doctor stopped prescribing the medication, he turned to heroin (a sadly common story in our country). After I saw this, I became a believer and signed on. 

Lives Reclaimed with the Coleman Method

As I continued to read throughout the Google reviews, watching the testimonial videos this morning, I thought about how gratifying it has been to be a part of this treatment program for over 15 years. I enjoy seeing the impact we have had on people reclaiming their lives from the destructive power of opioids and alcohol. I truly believe that, beyond our stellar medical services we provide, that we have always, and will always, offer a vehicle of hope for those seeking freedom from addiction.

While I do not know the exact amount of patients that have been able to stay sober over the long-term; I do know some have returned to us over the years following a relapse. Many concerned individuals have sent friends and other loved ones to us. From time to time, we will hear from a grateful patient who was treated by Dr. Coleman over 25 years ago when Dr. Coleman was pioneering his treatment for individuals with Substance Abuse Disorder. Back then, he was one of the first practitioners treating with long-acting Naltrexone Therapy

In Maya Angelou’s words: “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” I believe that this is what causes individuals to write the kind of reviews we often see on Google and other online networks. This is why they return to us after an unfortunate relapse. This is why they send their loved ones suffering from addiction. This is why they send cards and emails to show us how proud they are of their progress.

A True Understanding of Addiction Gives Hope

Dr. Coleman has understood the disease of addiction from the very beginning. He himself has been in recovery for nearly forty years. His belief that each and every patient, no matter how deep into addiction, can experience recovery. This has provided hope for thousands of people.

He is still passionate, knowing that  our team delivers the highest standards of patient care, and that treatment is based on modern research in the ever expanding field of Addiction Medicine, but also he has laid the foundation for a setting where a an individual that is suffering from a Substance Abuse Disorder feels welcomed, not judged. Our patients are treated with compassion, respect, and kindness.

Over the years Dr. Coleman has taught staff and patients, both formally and informally, to deepen our knowledge on the disease of addiction. He hosts meetings with others in similar fields in the local community to ensure that we, as an office, provide referrals as appropriate. He is part of a group of ‘like-minded doctors’ from around the world who discuss the nuances of Substance Abuse Disorders and confer with colleagues.

A Team of Experts Caring with Kindness

When we are screening patients that are nervous to sign on for a detox from opioids, fentanyl, or alcohol (whether they are taking this step for the first, for forty first time), it is so gratifying to be able to answer questions specific to their case and address their personal concerns. We are happy to provide as much education as potential patients need in order to give them a realistic idea of what to expect. 

It’s also important to mention the first person at our call centers that the patient speaks to.  We always hear positive  feedback about their helpfulness in answering questions and providing information.

Even in the midst of as serious a medical procedure as any alcohol, fentanyl, or opioid detox, I often hear our team members laughing  with new patients,  putting them at ease. Our medical assistants, counselors, and case managers are regularly mentioned in our reviews as kind, caring, compassionate, warm and competent. Many of them regularly send us treats and gifts as a thank you.

Although staffing inevitably changes at any business, the consistent outreach of kindness, respect, competence, and compassion have never wavered. For most of our patients, this continues to provide a truly profound experience on their individual recovery journey. 

The Coleman Network Family is Here for You

Although this article didn’t provide a lot of precise data, it is a heartfelt tribute to my colleagues and the true spirit of the Coleman Network. There are really not many places in this country that provide an outpatient opioid or alcohol detox, coupled with long-acting naltrexone at the end of detoxification. Perhaps even fewer that share the camaraderie and dedication you will find here at the Coleman Network.. 

We invite you to schedule a callback with us if you have any questions for our team. 

Joan Shepherd, FNP

Recovery Starts With Finding The Right Detox Option For You.

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