Tough As Nails Podcast: Dealing With Addiction On The Job Part 3

Tough As Nails Podcast: Dealing With Addiction On The Job Part 3

In part 3 of a 3-part series, Cindy Stumpo is joined by the Coleman Institute’s National Medical Director, Peter Coleman, and executive director, Amanda Pitts, on her podcast “Tough as Nails” on iHeart Radio to discuss addiction, treatment options, and recovery for the long haul.

After hearing about a patient’s Alcohol Detox treatment at the Coleman Institute in Wellesley, MA, Stumpo and her team contacted them to hear more about his experience. Realizing that people might not be aware that an outpatient detox treatment program is available to help, the patient was on a mission to make sure people knew. This episode shares the patient’s aim to ensure people can decide what treatment program if they are suffering from Alcohol Use Disorder or Substance Use Disorder.

Have you missed part 2? You can catch up here.

About Cindy Stumpo and “Tough as Nails”

On “Tough As Nails” radio, Cindy Stumpo talks about anything that happens between a roof and a foundation. Building a house, and building a life is what our show is about. In sum, we are a lifestyle show. What separates us from other lifestyle shows is Cindy’s raw, unvarnished view of the world, keeping the show, fun, fast, and interesting.

Laughing and learning makes for a broadcast that educates while entertaining. That being said, sometimes we cry and we’re ok with that. Cindy was the only woman in the room when she took and passed the General Contractor’s exam about 30 years ago. She has been building homes and shattering stereotypes ever since. C. Stumpo Development primarily builds luxury homes in Newton and Brookline, MA. FOLLOW Cindy on Facebook, Youtube and Instagram.

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Recovery Starts With Finding The Right Detox Option For You.

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