To Vaccinate or Not?

To Vaccinate or Not?
Watch Dr. Coleman’s Facebook Live post where he reviews whether To Vaccinate or Not? Here’s a recap. 

Our Way Out

Many medical professionals consider the 3rd wave of Covid to be among us. Tragically, in the US alone, 2000 people a day are dying from this virus. It’s widely accepted that the only way out of the pandemic is through frequent testing and vaccination.

Popular Reasons

Although the promising effects of the vaccine are well known, some still remain hesitant to get it. Here are some of the reasons we hear most:
  1. “The Covid vaccine does not work, you can still get Covid”
The vaccine does not stop the body from breathing in Covid. The nose is Covids favorite place to thrive. Instead, what the virus actually does is prep the body for fighting Covid if it comes in contact with the actual virus.
  1. “I’ve already been infected with Covid, so I don’t need the vaccine”
Natural anti-bodies are three times less powerful than vaccine anti-bodies are in protecting against Covid. This means you could become reinfected and experience the same measure of symptoms you did the first time.
  1. “I’m nervous to take the vaccine, it is too new”
At this stage in the pandemic, millions of people have received the vaccine. Side effects have been shown to be minimal, and it has been deemed safe without a doubt. The mRNA technology inside of the vaccine has been around for five years and has been thoroughly tested since its creation.
  1. “I don’t want to take it because I don’t want to get sick.” 
The Covid virus has a terrible effect on the human body, so receiving a vaccine to trick the body into thinking you have Covid can result in feeling slightly off for one or two days after receiving the vaccine. The risks of contracting Covid without having had the vaccine far outweigh the short-term discomfort in the following days. 

Let’s Work Together

For the most trusted and up-to-date information, visit the CDC’s website. Amongst the massive amounts of information on Covid, it’s best to listen to the medical professionals who spend their careers studying viruses so we can work together to end the pandemic. 

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