How to Detox Off Heroin: What It Takes & Getting Help

How to Detox Off Heroin: What It Takes & Getting Help

If you are searching for detox from heroin or fentanyl, explore how you can do this with the Coleman Institute for Addiction Medicine. In this blog, we’ll answer how long it takes to detox from heroin, work-related and driving questions, and who you should choose for your support system, and more.

Long-Acting Suboxone Injection: Does It Work?

Long-Acting Suboxone Injection: Does It Work for Recovery?

If you are considering detox to treat your Substance Use Disorder with a long-acting Suboxone Injection? Explore how using a monthly buprenorphine injection can help you on the road to recovery.

Opioid Detox Transcends Politics


The world is experiencing unprecedented events simultaneously; the novel coronavirus resulting in dramatic alterations in lifestyle and current events that address beliefs that drive actions and impact others. The Coleman Network staffs and treats people who share different political beliefs from different walks of life. Based on our environment, such as upbringing, the news we […]

7 Ways to Energy After Getting a Suboxone® Detox

No Opioids No Energy: Life After Quitting Suboxone®

Recently, the Coleman Network had the honor of treating Benny in a Suboxone® Detox Program. Benny works in IT, has been married for 10 years and has 2 young children. He has also been continuously taking Suboxone® daily, as prescribed by his doctor 8 years ago. Back then, Benny had a pill habit that was […]