Triggers as Reminders

Triggers as Reminders

Recovery is a lifelong journey, complete with many unexpected detours and bumps in the road. A friend who stopped drinking 2 1/2 years ago shared a story yesterday that drove this point home to me. She had just gone to Costco for the first time since she became sober. Besides their rotisserie chicken, Costco is […]

Break Up With Addiction

Consider addiction as an abusive partner. After the novelty wears off, the red flags of an unhealthy relationship come to light – poor communication, controlling behavior, and gaslighting, to name a few. Let’s explore. Addiction and Poor Communication Addiction does not care about who you are a person. It does not care about your emotional […]

Exercise and Addiction Recovery

Exercise can be beneficial to the healing and recovery of those suffering from substance use disorders. It can be even more effective for those in early recovery or those experiencing post-acute withdrawal symptoms. Exercise Can Battle Withdrawal Symptoms Many patients in recovery go through stages of loss of energy, fatigue, and sleeplessness while their body […]