5 Scary Things People With Substance Use Disorder Believe

5 Scary Things People With Substance Use Disorder Believe

We’ve had an incredibly busy season across our physicians’ offices in the Coleman Network for Addiction Medicine. Everyone has been challenged to find the best ways to protect patients and staff from COVID, juggle holiday schedules, and help fight the avalanche of people seeking help against various addictive substances. If Covid wasn’t piling enough stress […]

3 Addiction Treatments to Turn Your Life Around

3 Addiction Treatment Solutions to Turn Your Life Around

Addiction is a difficult disease. It can be isolating, lonely, and painful. Unlike many other diseases, addiction is often paired with secrets and lies. It is hard to picture a life without addiction when you don’t know what treatment solutions are out there.  Here are 3 addictions solutions that can turn your life around.  Treatment […]

That Street Pill Might Be Fentanyl

That Pill You Bought On The Street Might Be Fentanyl

We see this every week. A patient enters our office to begin treatment, saying that they’re getting “legit” pills on the street: either opioids or benzodiazepines. They are sure that their dealer is “straight up” and the product is what the dealer is saying it is. However, when we run a Urine Drug Screen, we […]