Beating Fentanyl Addiction: Some Side Benefits

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It is totally possible to stop using fentanyl and get into recovery. It is even simple, although it may not be easy. In my many years as a practitioner in the field of Substance Use Disorders (SUD), I have savored memorable and powerful conversations with thousands of patients about their experiences in recovery. There are […]

Day Drinking, COVID-19, & Returning to the Workplace

Day Drinking, COVID-19, & Returning to the Workplace

Lauren submitted an online medical history form to come to the Coleman Network for Addiction Medicine seeking for a safe way to stop drinking alcohol. When I looked it over before reaching out to talk to her, I noticed that Lauren was 36, a data scientist, and married for 10 years with 2 children. Neither […]

How Do I Know It’s Safe to Stop Drinking Alcohol?

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People in true recovery are easy people to be around. More than just the physical act of not drinking or using, they are in emotional recovery. As wounded healers, they have found strength through their weakness. They gained wisdom not by doing it right, but by getting it wrong at first. The Cycle of Stress […]

Who Am I Without Booze?

Who Am I Without Alcohol?

Recently, a young man named Arthur came to the Coleman Network for help dealing with his alcohol use disorder. Arthur appears to have it all. He has a successful career, a loving family, and supportive friends. Overall, Arthur is a healthy person. But every morning, he starts his day with a drink to stop the […]