Long-Acting Suboxone Injection: Does It Work?

Long-Acting Suboxone Injection: Does It Work for Recovery?

If you are considering detox to treat your Substance Use Disorder with a long-acting Suboxone Injection? Explore how using a monthly buprenorphine injection can help you on the road to recovery.

Explore the recap of Dr. Peter Coleman’s YouTube video, “A Monthly Suboxone Injection?here.

Suboxone (Buprenorphine) Injection

Though you may have already heard about Sublocade, there is a new monthly injection available for buprenorphine.

Instead of taking a daily Suboxone,® injection, you only take a monthly buprenorphine injection. For a while now, buprenorphine injections have been around. And they’re starting to gain more and more acceptance.

Suboxone (Buprenorphine) Injection Cost

Unfortunately, they are costly right now.

I think they are beneficial for the people on buprenorphine products, and I wish the price would be more affordable.

Weekly Suboxone (Buprenorphine) Injection

Now, there’s even a newer version of a weekly buprenorphine injection that’s coming out. This weekly option offers even more flexibility for patients.

Eventually, You’ll Need to Detox off of Suboxone (Buprenorphine)

If you don’t know, buprenorphine is a partial antagonist and partial agonist for those with Substance Use Disorder. But, buprenorphine is addictive. Eventually, you will need to detox off of it too.

But buprenorphine doesn’t get you high because it is so smooth and long-acting. It is a good bridge for people who aren’t ready to be fully abstinent or on Naltrexone.

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Suboxone (Buprenorphine) Treatment

Taking buprenorphine is a good treatment. It is helpful, but taking it every month is turning out to be a more effective way to treat addiction. When patients get a monthly buprenorphine shot, they quit thinking they might have a low level or a higher level.

And stop obsessing about how much they are taking or not. They just move on with their lives and start thinking about their recovery program. They accept that they’re on the right path.

We also see this with naltrexone.


Patients who are put on the long-acting Suboxone injection stop thinking about it. They stop obsessing and thinking about their opioid problem and concentrate on recovery. And so much better than a daily method.

I think the new buprenorphine injection coming out, and Sublocade will find a valuable part of the Substance Use Disorder Treatment. Fortunately, here at the Coleman Network for Addiction Medicine, we have a reliable method of detoxing patients off buprenorphine. They’ve got their life together when they have completed the detox.

We’ve seen many patients who detox quickly off of buprenorphine instead of the slow treatment off of Suboxone®. And I think Sublocade is a beneficial drug.

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Recovery Starts With Finding The Right Detox Option For You.

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