Whitney’s Recovery from Opioid Abuse at The Coleman Institute

Whitney's Recovery from Opioid Abuse at The Coleman Institute

We would like you to read Whitney’s story. At a young age, she suffered a sudden and tragic loss of her brother that inevitably led her down the path of opioid abuse. Explore how she chose her husband and children over taking drugs. And how she is now living a life free from addiction after completing an accelerated opioid detox with the Coleman Network for Addiction Medicine.

Watch Whitney’s testimonial in this YouTube video, “Whitney’s Recovery from Opioid Addiction at The Coleman Institute,” here.

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Whitney’s Journey to Opioid Abuse

I started smoking marijuana and drinking alcohol when I was 12 or 13; at 16, I started using drugs heavily after my brother died and my house burned to the ground. So at that point, I just lost myself in grief and never moved through it.

Until I was around 20, I never was physically dependent on any specific drug. I decided that who I was on opioids made me feel myself. I spent much of my young adult life dependent on pills, which continued even into motherhood. After the drugs got too expensive, I switched to using heroin for a short time until that got too expensive.

After getting on heroin, my life became unmanageable, and I tanked quickly. I quit my job. I let my children down. I was so far gone that I couldn’t even get them to school.

My husband had to call off work because he needed to take care of me. I was burning through our bank account and getting into debt.
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Whitney Trying to Self-Detox

In the past, I have always attempted to detox off of opioids or heroin by myself. I used this method to detox off of them with other narcotics. Afterward, I would “white knuckle” it until I started using it again.

I was so sick and tired of being sick and tired.

I loved being high, but I was never truly myself. Finally, I got to the point where I had to ask my mother for help. I couldn’t take it anymore. I also had to ask her for money to pay my monthly bills. She immediately started to search for detox options and found the Coleman Network for Addiction Medicine.

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Whitney Detoxing with the Coleman Network for Addiction Medicine

Even after my mom found the detox clinic near me, I wasn’t comfortable with being on a treatment program that blocked opioids completely. Finally, after many reservations, I got to the point where I no longer had an option. So I forced myself to go to their clinic.

Their staff is so empathic and helpful. They held my hand through the whole detox process. And I highly recommend the entire treatment program. On my first day, one of my nurses told me something I will never forget. She told me, “I know you’re an addict, and you think you deserve how you feel, but you don’t, and you have to tell us everything wrong so we can try and fix it.” It was 5 days in, and I knew the end of the program was in sight.

Throughout the treatment, whenever I had a question, they would answer it; they checked on me every morning when I checked in to get my shot of naltrexone.

If you call their detox line, they answer right away and will work with you through your problems. If you call them after hours, they call you right back. All of their staff is so kind. They even know you by name after a visit or 2 and remember everything you’ve talked about.

I love that my opioid treatment was unique to me, so I had the best chance of completing the program. They do not judge you but cheer you on and are proud of where you came from. I don’t think I would still be sober if it weren’t for the after-detox program at the Coleman Network for Addiction Medicine.

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Whitney’s Experience With the Coleman Network for Addiction Medicines’ Staff

Now I am focusing on my recovery and how to be a better mom and wife. I highly recommend the Coleman Network for Addiction Medicine over other facilities.

It is okay to be a little worried about the detox process. You are giving up your sense of “normal,” which is hard to do. You need to stop using drugs unless you want to die or go to jail. You have to do this.

I couldn’t think of a better detox experience because they provide you with personalized attention. I know all the staff’s first names, and they know mine. They know my husband’s and kid’s names too. When you call, they don’t answer, “Hi, this is so and so from the Coleman Network…” they’re like, “Hey Whitney! How are you today?”

I am just beginning the rest of my life, and I couldn’t have gotten here without them. I have always felt alone and never let anyone know what I was struggling with. I had to play pretend that I was okay. It was a relief when I was open and honest about what I was dealing with. I didn’t have to hide anymore. You will be treated with respect and not like a drug addict.


If you are ready to change your relationship with opioids and have questions, please call the Coleman Network for Addiction Medicine. We will be happy to speak with you.

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Recovery Starts With Finding The Right Detox Option For You.

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