Dr. Coleman & Dr. B Talk Naltrexone vs Suboxone: Part 1

Dr. Coleman & Dr. B Talk Naltrexone vs Suboxone: Part 1

In part 1 of Dr. Banimahd and Dr. Peter Coleman’s interview, they discuss how you can detox off opioids with naltrexone as medication-assisted treatment (MAT) versus using Suboxone.

Explore the recap of Dr. Peter Coleman’s YouTube video, “Dr. B interviews Dr. Coleman about the Coleman Method for Opioid Detox and Naltrexone MAThere.

Dr. Coleman & Dr. B Talk Naltrexone vs. Suboxone

Dr. Banimahd

Hi everybody, it’s Dr. B. Today I have a special guest, Dr. Peter Coleman from the Coleman Network for Addiction Medicine. We’re going to talk about an exciting topic today, something you don’t hear me talk about a lot. Dr. Coleman and I will speak about naltrexone as medication-assisted treatment (MAT) versus Suboxone.

You’re located in Virginia, right, Dr. Coleman?

Dr. Peter Coleman

Yes, I am.

Dr. Banimahd

Dr. Coleman and I have known each other for two or three years.

He’s the founder and medical director of the Coleman Network for Addiction Medicine. He has been practicing there for quite a long time. They have been absorbed by the large corporation Bay Mark Health Services. I know Baymark well; they’re a fantastic organization.

Is that right?

Dr. Peter Coleman


Dr. Coleman’s History With Substance Abuse, Recovery, and Helping Others

Dr. Banimahd Can you tell us a bit of yourself, Dr. Coleman, before getting into naltrexone vs Suboxone? Dr. Peter Coleman Absolutely. I’m originally from New Zealand, where I went to medical school. In 1983 I came to the United States as a family practice resident in Virginia. But I had a history of Alcohol Use Disorder myself. More like this: Alcohol Use Disorder: Easy to Meet Criteria

Abusing Alcohol, Cocaine, and Opioids

Dr. Peter Coleman I used cocaine, and I was heavy into drinking. I got into opioids after that. I had an overdose on October 28th, 84, which forced me to get treatment. At the time, I didn’t know anything about addiction. More like this: Break Up With Addiction

Undergoing Treatment from Alcohol and Opioids

Dr. Peter Coleman I never thought I had a problem. I just thought that I liked the excitement and was a risk-taker. And I certainly didn’t know I had an alcohol or a drug problem. Then, however, the Board of Medicine forced me to go to treatment for four and a half months. So I came to see that reality during that time. It made me realize I was depressed and had been suffering for a long time.

Realizing Family Past With Alcohol

Dr. Peter Coleman During my treatment, I realized I came from an alcoholic family. My mom and brother were alcoholics. And I lost my uncle and her daughter to suicide because of their alcohol use. My brother is also an alcoholic. So I started learning all about addiction. I realized I wanted to help people. More like this: Stop Drinking Alcohol: 5 Questions to Ask Yourself

Starting a Fellowship in Addiction Medicine

Dr. Peter Coleman After I completed my treatment, I took an addiction medicine fellowship. And for the past 34 years, I have dedicated my career to helping people just like me get clean and sober. It’s been a remarkable journey.


Stay tuned for Part 2 of Dr. Peter Coleman and Dr. Banimahd’s interview on the Coleman Network for Addiction Medicine on Facebook and Twitter. Looking for the rest of the webinar series? Check out parts 2-6 below:

Recovery Starts With Finding The Right Detox Option For You.

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