Dr. Coleman & Dr. B Talk Naltrexone vs Suboxone: Part 7

Dr. Coleman & Dr. B Talk Naltrexone vs Suboxone: Part 7

In the final part of Dr. Banimahd and Dr. Peter Coleman’s interview, they discuss how you can detox off opioids with naltrexone as medication-assisted treatment (MAT) versus using Suboxone.

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Explore the recap of Dr. Peter Coleman’s YouTube video, “Dr. B interviews Dr. Coleman about the Coleman Method for Opioid Detox and Naltrexone MAThere.

Using Naltrexone as Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) Intervention

Dr. Banimahd
We’re using naltrexone as Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) for pharmacological intervention. Then, when people are ready, we’re making the detox in the initial stages for all opiates across the board. We also do it for Suboxone® when someone has difficulty getting off methadone or Suboxone®.

For alcohol, we do a minor tweak for this procedure.

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Dr. Peter Coleman
Comfortably, quickly and safely.

Dr. Banimahd
We’re using comfort medication to help it be comfortable.

Dr. Peter Coleman
It is successful. It is phenomenal; 98% of people start the program and get on naltrexone—the only ones who don’t are kids whose parents don’t want them on it.

Dr. Banimahd
I’ve had a few.

Dr. Peter Coleman

Dr. Banimahd
I recommend that these kids don’t.

Dr. Peter Coleman
Exactly. They’re better off using Suboxone®.

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Dr. Banimahd

Dr. Peter Coleman
Until they get more mature and grow up.

The Coleman Network for Addiction Medicine Locations

Dr. Banimahd
So you have 11 or 12 locations across the country? And your headquarters is in Virginia.

Dr. Peter Coleman
Yes, we do.

We’ve been able to team up and teach doctors, like yourself, all over the country to do the accelerated detox. Then, afterward, we support them. We provide a call enter where people can call in, find out how the procedure works, and get all the details. Then they call the office once they are ready to go through it.

We’ll review the patient’s history over the phone and ensure they are a good fit. Then, we’ll make sure there are no red flags or see if we need to tweak things a bit.

In some cases, we need to extend the detox a day if they’re using a significant amount of drugs or recently have used Suboxone® or methadone.

Dr. Banimahd
I admire that about you guys.

Dr. Peter Coleman

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Dr. Banimahd Working With Patients

Dr. Banimahd
I am a bit of a control freak regarding my treatments and those I see. I was like that at school. I have a patient who reaches out; I talk with them and then decide.

I enjoy the flexibility. If I have a methadone patient who comes for a 7 to 8-day program, I can extend it to allow the treatment to be more effective. You guys are wonderful about that. It has been working well over the years.

Dr. Peter Coleman
It’s all about meeting the patient where they are and helping them achieve their goals.

Dr. Banimahd

Dr. Peter Coleman
Getting sober.

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Dr. Banimahd
So this has been Dr. Peter Coleman with the Coleman Network for Addiction Medicine.

I’m pretty selective about who I deal with and work with. But it’s been a pleasure the last couple of years. Because, for me, I get to see another perspective on treating those who are suffering from addiction. It gives me another way to help them, and I’m grateful.

Thank you so much for joining me today, Dr. Coleman. I know you love surfing. Did you do any here?

Dr. Peter Coleman
I love it. And yes, it was excellent.

Dr. Banimahd
Excellen. Okay. I’m glad you enjoyed it.

Dr. Peter Coleman
I have a new carbon fiberboard that I got to try out. It’s lightweight and much easier to use. So it was great.

Dr. Banimahd
Paddle surfing, right?

Dr. Peter Coleman

Please call us if you have found yourself struggling with the disease of addiction. You are not alone. We are happy to talk to you about how our Accelerated Outpatient Detox programs can help.

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