Dr. Coleman & Dr. B Talk Naltrexone vs Suboxone: Part 4

Dr. Coleman & Dr. B Talk Naltrexone vs Suboxone: Part 4

In part 4 of Dr. Banimahd and Dr. Peter Coleman’s interview, they discuss how you can detox off opioids with naltrexone as medication-assisted treatment (MAT) versus using Suboxone.

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Essential Differences Between Suboxone and Naltrexone Therapy for People Addicted to Opioids

Dr. Peter Coleman

We make sure to communicate that to patients. We remind them to stay on naltrexone MAT for up to a year.

But, some patients aren’t ready for that level of commitment. They aren’t prepared to stop completely. They just don’t want the craziness of drugs.

They want the option to do a little pot on the weekends or go out drinking. So they’ll get high for a day or two, then stop.

Those who still want to do this aren’t the right candidates for naltrexone MAT.

If they mess up, they’re better off using Suboxone. Because when they mess up, they aren’t going to die of an overdose. They can just start using Suboxone again.

Dr. Banimahd


Dr. Peter Coleman

They’re better off staying on Suboxone until they are fully committed. They want to be stable; they want to feel good about themselves and be loved. They want to be happy. Suboxone can help them with that. And when they’re ready to stop entirely, they’re good candidates to switch to naltrexone.

A big part of what we do is see people using methadone or Suboxone for a few years and are now getting on their road to recovery.

Patient Success Story – Getting off Methadone

Dr. Banimahd

I try to keep up with the patients that do surgery on. They are some of the incredible success stories. I’ll have a patient who was on methadone, and they’ll text me a year after and tell me they are still clean. It is a great feeling. I’ll get calls from their parents, and they tell me it’s their kids’ birthday, and they lived to see it.

Dr. Peter Coleman

Yes, it’s incredible.

Dr. Banimahd

I’ve had three of your clients that have been long-term methadone users. The surprise was calling him in.

Dr. Peter Coleman

Yes, they have now switched to naltrexone.

Dr. Banimahd

One was one we’re in seven, eight months in. One is over a year, and the other is four to six months in. They are doing great.

Dr. Peter Coleman

Those are good candidates. Yeah. It’s very gratifying. They no longer need the stability of methadone.

We can get the methadone out in eight days instead of having to wean down over 18 months with our accelerated detoxes. To be honest, most people who wean down fail. It is too painful.

Using Suboxone

Dr. Banimahd

Now, this is a topic of controversy in North America. You are not against Suboxone, right?

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Dr. Peter Coleman

Not I am not. I think it is up to the patient.

Dr. Banimahd


Meeting Patients Where They Are At

Dr. Peter Coleman You need to meet them where they’re at. It’s no different than any other disease. If you have someone with diabetes, you need to see if insulin will be better for them. Some need diet and exercise work. More like this: Restoring Hope: The Gift of Detox Dr. Banimahd Yes. Dr. Peter Coleman Yes. Dr. Banimahd I like how you say, “meet the patient where they are at.” I am 100% in line with that. It’s an expression of harm reduction for me. I don’t want to quit on a patient who is using. I want you to help them. Dr. Peter Coleman Yes. Dr. Banimahd I wouldn’t do that. Dr. Peter Coleman Sure thing. Dr. Banimahd I just have to adjust how I treat them every week. Dr. Peter Coleman Exactly.


Stay tuned for Part 5 of Dr. Peter Coleman and Dr. Banimahd’s interview on the Coleman Network for Addiction Medicine on Facebook and Twitter. Looking for the rest of the webinar series? Check out parts 1-3 and 5-6  below:

Recovery Starts With Finding The Right Detox Option For You.

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