What To Do If You Relapse Back Onto Fentanyl

What To Do If You Relapse Back Onto Street Fentanyl

Mark returned to our office last week for a naltrexone implant. He had detoxed off street drugs that turned out to be primarily fentanyl 2 ½ months ago. He was a few days late coming in for his naltrexone implant, and he began to get anxious as his appointment got closer. To no one’s surprise, […]

How Can Naltrexone Make Life Better in a Pandemic?

How Can Naltrexone Make Life Better in a Pandemic_

Naltrexone has been a foundational element of our treatments for Substance Use Disorders at the Coleman Network for over 20 years ago. Naltrexone is a pure opioid antagonist. It acts as a blocker on the opioid receptors. When it occupies these receptors, it does not create physical dependence or euphoria or tolerance or addiction. Rather, […]

How Do I Know It’s Safe to Stop Drinking Alcohol?

How Do I Know It's Safe to Stop Drinking Alcohol-80

People in true recovery are easy people to be around. More than just the physical act of not drinking or using, they are in emotional recovery. As wounded healers, they have found strength through their weakness. They gained wisdom not by doing it right, but by getting it wrong at first. The Cycle of Stress […]

The Safest & Best Way to Detox Off Fentanyl

The Safest & Best Way to Detox Off Fentanyl

I have been working as a Nurse Practitioner in the field of addiction medicine for 13 years now. When I started in this specialty, our patients most often came to us for help getting off of heroin, prescription painkillers, or methadone. Our Accelerated Methadone Detox program has remained pretty consistent throughout this period. It is […]

Addiction, Family, and Recovery


As a clinician, when first meeting a patient I am very interested to learn about their family and relationships. For some, there is no family support to speak of. They have exhausted all ties to family or their relationships may be slim to non-existent. For others, the person in active addiction has significant relationships within […]