Recovery & Returning to the Workplace Post-COVID

Returning to the Workplace Post-COVID

It has been an unusual year. The pandemic arrived unexpectedly, and only now are we starting to see the end come into sight. It has been an incredibly tough year for all of us — a year of isolation from family, friends, workplaces (our ‘work-families’). Some people have found silver linings in the darkest of […]

Low Energy After Opioid Detox & How to Fix It

Low Energy After Opioids: What’s to Blame?

“Please,” my patient begged me, “please take out my naltrexone pellet. I don’t want it anymore…” Jennifer is a 40-ish year-old teacher in New Jersey, and frankly, had a hellacious 2020. Although every teacher deserves a medal for the Adaptability and Creativity category in the Teaching-During-A-Pandemic contest, Jennifer’s job was even more challenging since she […]