Break Up With Addiction

Consider addiction as an abusive partner. After the novelty wears off, the red flags of an unhealthy relationship come to light – poor communication, controlling behavior, and gaslighting, to name a few. Let’s explore.  Addiction and Poor Communication Addiction does not care about who you are a person. It does not care about your emotional […]

Exercise and Addiction Recovery

Exercise can be beneficial to the healing and recovery of those suffering from substance use disorders. It can be even more effective for those in early recovery or those experiencing post-acute withdrawal symptoms. Exercise Can Battle Withdrawal Symptoms Many patients in recovery go through stages of loss of energy, fatigue, and sleeplessness while their body […]

Drinking Habit to Disorder: Alcohol Is One Superman’s Kryptonite

Michael, 40,  is a born listener. He is the kind of person who speaks with great care for the words he uses. He never talks just to talk; everything he says has deep meaning. Michael is a well-known barber in his community. He admitted to me that he sipped bourbon all day long as he […]

The Truth About Suboxone® & How to Detox

The Truth About Suboxone

Warren began experimenting with drugs during high school. He tried a little bit of everything, but opioids became his drug-of-choice. During college, his active pill addiction turned into a heroin habit. Prescribed Suboxone® for Curbing Addiction Now older, Warren met a girl and wanted to start a life with her. A life without drugs. He […]

Can Opioids Make Pain Worse & How to Get Help

Recently, a patient came to me with a question: “For the past two years, I have been working with a pain management doctor to find a remedy for my back pain. I tried every treatment in the book from physical therapy, to ibuprofen, to cortisone injections. After months of consulting with my doctor, we arrived […]

Still Drinking? Get Support

Still Drinking Get Support

Casey McGuire Davidson became a Certified Life Coach and a Master Practitioner in Core Energy Leadership to “help other successful women who’ve gotten into the habit of drinking too much or too often, reevaluate their relationship with alcohol, get out of overwhelm, and create lives they love.”  I first found Casey’s work on the Bubble Hour, […]

That Pesky Thought, “I Must Get High”


There’s no pretty way to say it, Lindsey kicked my butt in yoga last week. As the owner of the studio, she has a reputation for teaching beautifully choreographed classes that can be challenging. So while I was holding a Bird Dog pose (look it up), I had the opportunity to observe my thoughts while […]