Drugs Have Made My Life Bearable

Drugs Have Made My Life Bearable?

“Tripping Over Joy” What is the difference Between your experience of  Existence And that of a saint? The saint knows That the spiritual path Is a sublime chess game with God And that the Beloved Has just made such a  Fantastic Move That the saint is now continually Tripping over Joy And bursting out in […]

Set Yourself Up for Sobriety Success

Set Yourself Up for Sobriety Success

Wendy, a patient at the Coleman Network for Addiction Medicine, is 53 and has wrestled with an addiction to alcohol for over half of her life. She holds her recovery gingerly, like a butterfly in cupped palms. Her recovery means everything to her. She doesn’t want to take it for granted ever again. She did […]

Spoiler Alert 1 in 4 Make It

Spoiler Alert 1 in 4 Make It

Recently, I had the opportunity to attend a screening of the film Recovery Boys (now on Netflix). Working in the field of addiction for many years now, there weren’t a lot of surprises in the actual story. Perhaps what did surprise me was how many times I became teary-eyed.  Emotional Conflict or Schedule Conflict Every […]

Changing Behavior To Stop Opioid Use

Changing Behavior To Stop Opioid Use

I’ve been thinking a lot about the idea of motivation and willpower as it pertains to substance use disorder. BJ Fogg, author of Tiny Habits, says: “. . . motivation and willpower get a lot of airtime. People are always looking for ways to ramp them up and sustain them over time. The problem is […]

Part 5: The Reward to Recover from Substance Use Disorder


The 4th law in James Clear’s Atomic Habits refers to the final part of the habit loop, the reward. In order for a new habit to form and be sustained, the reward must be satisfying. The difficult thing about this step speaks to our biology and evolution. As our earliest ancestors learned to survive predators, […]

Part 4: Make Not Drinking Easy

Part 4: Make Not Drinking Easy

Substance use disorders and behavioral addictions are complex psychosocial/spiritual conditions and not just bad habits.  Incorporating insights from the highly studied topic of habit change can be a boon for anyone desiring recovery. In earlier blogs we examined the Habit Loop: cue, trigger, craving, response, reward. In Atomic Habits, author James Clear breaks each component […]

Part 3: Cravings and Forming Habits

Part Be With The Cravings

Atomic Habits author James Clear defines the 4 components of his Habit Loop as: the cue or trigger, the craving, the response and the reward. Breaking each component down, he provides strategies for those who are attempting to create a new habit or extinguish an old habit.   As mentioned in part 1 and part 2 […]

Sobriety Slogans to Help You During COVID-19

Sobriety Slogans

Sobriety in the new normal we are living during the coronavirus pandemic can be difficult. Staying focused and positive can make a significant impact on your sobriety. I thought it would be a good time to look at some of many slogans associated with Alcoholics Anonymous and other 12 Step programs. Each has an underlying message […]

Finding Courage for Recovery During COVID-19

Recovery during COVID-19

We all have to display an immense amount of courage and resilience to make it through the current times. The COVID-19 pandemic is a constant in the media. Bad news is everywhere we turn. Unemployment is rising fast. There is illness, death, and suffering throughout the world. What will our new normal look like? Who […]