PART 2: Choose Healthy Habits

Part 2: Choose Healthy Habits

Habits are behaviors that have been repeated enough times to become automatic. James Clear, author of Atomic Habits breaks habit formation into 4 steps: cue, craving, response, and reward. When we recognize the behaviors that form habits, we can then begin to change those behaviors. His 4 Laws of Behavior Change are rules we can […]

Alcohol Habit vs Addiction – How It Forms

Alcoholic or Bad Habit

In his book, Atomic Habits, author James Clear states that addiction is not just someone’s “bad habit.” So it makes sense to apply Clear’s habit forming (or breaking) concepts to addiction. Clear has taken the topic of habit creation, broken it down to bite-sized pieces, and provided suggestions to create good habits or eliminate bad […]

Alcohol Use Disorder: Easy to Meet Criteria

Alcohol Use Disorder: Easy to Meet Criteria

It can be difficult, and sometimes even frustrating, to try to figure out if you meet the criteria for alcohol use disorder. I can tell you that it’s not that hard to qualify, and more and more people are entering the ranks.  Many of the patients we see at the Coleman Network for Addiction Medicine […]

Energy After Ending Methadone Use

Energy After Ending Methadone Use

At 56 years old and 8 years of substance use disorder, Ramon made the courageous decision to stop taking methadone during the COVID-19 pandemic. Ramon’s substance use disorder began neck and back surgery followed by several years of pain medication. A move to a rural community meant the nearest pain management doctor was over an […]

Get Clean or Screw It?

Get clean or screw it

Sometimes it is hard to think beyond the next few weeks or even days. It is very easy to say “f**k it, I may not even be here in a few weeks I contract coronavirus.” For many, there is a sense of the relief from responsibility that comes with being confronted by our current lack […]

Mental and Physical Pain Connection

Mental and Physical Pain Following Trauma

I stood at the podium, in front of a room filled with strangers at a state summit in Michigan. I was there to speak about my trauma — my past. As I spoke, my legs shook uncontrollably, my palms were sweaty, and my heart raced. I shared my vulnerable story and my transition from victim […]

Reframing Thoughts During Coronavirus

Reframing Negative Thougths

Prior to COVID-19, I attended a retreat that focused on reframing thoughts, feelings, and past experiences and turning negatives into positives. What we are collectively experiencing is difficult and painful. I have found myself using some of these reframing skills during our current coronavirus pandemic experience. Look to the Positive During Coronavirus Uncertainty These are […]

How the Hell do I Stay Sober Now?!

How the hell do I stay sober now

It is easier than ever to become lost in our minds as we continue to live in a world with coronavirus. We think about the future and fear of the unknown. Many of us may also experience the reality of being host to the virus which may or may not make us, our loved ones, […]

How Can I Safely Detox Off Opioids During Coronavirus?

Safely Detox Off Opioid During Pandemic 2020

Like many others, life during a pandemic has left me feeling like I don’t have control of so many things or so many areas of my life. This reminds of Steven Covey’s work on our Circles of Influence and Circles of Concern. Picture an inner and outer circle. The outer circle, called the Circle of […]

Cravings and the Coronavirus

Naltrexone Therapy During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Cravings and Alcohol or Opioid Use Disorders go hand-in-hand. Giving in to these intense desires and longings can also lead to more problems. In people with substance use disorders, cravings are actually the result of the brain “remembering” past compulsive use associated with the release of neurochemicals. These neurochemicals activate the pleasure parts of the […]